The Supreme Game-Changer

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and if we are not on the correct path, the result can be disastrous and life-altering. Whether dealing with infidelity in marriage, drug addiction, a job loss, the death of a loved one, or whatever causes one to reach rock bottom, there is hope, and His name is Jesus. It took such a life-altering event for many who are Christians today too, at one point, turn from the world and look to the cross, and what they discovered was that Jesus is the supreme game-changer.

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One example from the Bible is in the book of Genesis, where the sons of Jacob sold their younger brother, Joseph, into slavery. Talk about a life-altering event! It is easy to assume that Joseph must have been both angry at his brothers and frightened about what is to become of him. However, Joseph placed his full trust and faith in God, and through a series of events, Joseph rose to become the ruler, second only to the Pharaoh, over all of Egypt.

In the book of 2 Samuel, we find that King Dave, whom God said was a man after His own heart, chose to sin against the Lord by committing adultery, conspiracy, murder, and deceit. It came to a point where the King’s confidant, Nathan, confronted him to expose the truth, which, standing before God, David repented of his sin, God forgave him, but David still faced the consequence of his actions. God continued to bless David and his kingdom, and He will keep His promise that David’s house and throne will be forever.

Fast forward to the crucifixion of Jesus when Peter’s denied that he even knew Jesus not once, not twice, but three times according to the Bible. When Peter realized that what Jesus told him had come to pass, Scripture tells us that Peter wept bitterly. He was devastated, his world had come crashing down around him, and now, his Lord was to be crucified. Fast forward to the Sea of Galilee when Peter and some others saw the resurrected Jesus at the shoreline. Jesus lovingly confronts Peter and restores him, and Peter went on to become a significant influence in the early church.

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In each case, God was the game-changer for each man and many others throughout Scripture. You see, the Bible is not a book of cute fairy tale type stories; instead, it is recorded history that spans back to the beginning of time itself and the creation of all things. It is God’s revelation of Himself to mankind, which expresses the love He has for us all. Jesus is the supreme game-changer by way of His crucifixion and resurrection. Through Him, mankind can now receive forgiveness of sin and have the promise of eternal life in heaven.

Just as the Lord was the game-changer for Joseph, David, and Peter, He can be a game-changer in your life too. Jesus suffered and died our death on the cross so that we might live life in abundance. The Bible says, “It shall be that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Acts 2:21). If you place your trust in Him and follow Him by faith, He can direct your life in ways that exceed your wildest imagination.

“What must I do?” you might ask. You must go to the Lord in prayer and admit that you are a sinner, ask for His forgiveness and turn from your sin, invite Him to come into your heart and life, and tell Him that you want to follow Him as your Savior and Lord. If you pray that prayer, and sincerely mean it in your heart, for God looks upon the heart, you will be a born again believer in whom the Holy Spirit will take up residence to help lead and guide you in your walk with God.

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If you have chosen to follow Jesus and prayed that prayer, please leave me a comment below so I can rejoice with you, pray for you, and welcome you into the fellowship of saints.

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