Weekly Podcast: Life-Saving Blood

Season’s Greetings, Friends,

Blood represents life. The Bible affirms this to be true. In fact, the first thing a person does when he or she bleeding is instinctively try to stop the bleeding. That could be crucial depending on the severity of the injury, and more often than not, people will rush to someone’s aid to help stop the bleeding and save the person’s life. How sad that most Christians hesitate or resist getting out to share the good news of Jesus Christ and about the life-saving power of His shed blood. I once saw a billboard sign that served as a reminder and the inspiration for the message featured in today’s podcast. As always, I hope you enjoy the message and pray that it speaks to your heart to encourage you in your walk with God.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,
Darryl Orrell

“Life-Saving Blood” by Darryl Orrell | Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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