The Lifeline of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit

Have you ever been in a situation where you panicked? It is perhaps safe to say that everyone has experienced panic or fear in different ways and varying degrees at some point in their life. I remember a time when I was working in the crawl space under my home doing some repairs. Anyone familiar with crawl spaces will tell you there is often little room to work and pitch black without a light. I was using a utility light to see, and when I had snaked my way around various pipes and ducting to reach the center of the space, I bumped the light against a beam, and guess what? That’s right; the bulb blew out, leaving me in complete darkness, and I started to panic.

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Unable to see my hand in front of my face and with no backup light, I said, “Lord, now what?” At that moment, inner peace came over me, and in my mind, I said, “Okay, take a deep breath and relax big boy,” and it came to me. All I needed to do was follow the extension cord hand-over-hand to find my way back. As the cord led me under this duct and over that pipe, I could see the light shining in the access door where I entered and eventually emerged to see and feel the warmth of the sun. That extension cord served as my lifeline to lead me out from the darkness and into the light. In a spiritual sense, that is what God’s word and the presence of the Holy Spirit does for us daily; they steer us away from darkness and keeps our focus on Jesus Christ, the light of the world.

The year 2020 indeed brought the world the lion’s share of challenges. Especially in terms of the ongoing global pandemic that has taken so many lives, and with various strains of the virus now looming, it is easy for people to see nothing but an emotional sea of darkness. That is when we need to say to ourselves and encourage others to do the same, “Take a deep breath, relax, and acknowledge by faith that God is God and that He’s got this situation well in hand,” and you know what? He does! So, moving forward, let us give thanks to God for His infinite love and the grounding of His word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit that will always serve as a lifeline to bring His people back from the cliff’s edge. Most importantly, let us renew our determination to reach the lost, share the gospel, and help others grow in their relationship with Jesus – Amen.

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