The Daily Care of Our Hearts

One of my favorite pastimes is playing golf, which I find humorous because when I was younger, I would always say, “Who in their right mind would want to chase and hunt for a little ball all day?” It turns out to be me and many others as well, and it is quite enjoyable and, believe it or not, relaxing. One aspect that makes it so relaxing is the landscape’s pristine beauty with well-trimmed grass, edged sidewalks, beautiful flowers, and nicely shaped shrubs all around. All of this comes from the meticulous grooming, feeding, and care that it receives daily, but what happens when that daily care stops?

Photo by Robert Stokoe on

When the daily care and feeding of such an elegant landscape ceases, weeds will quickly infiltrate, consume, and reshape the landscape to where its once pristine beauty is no more. The beautiful grass, flowers, and shrubs will be choked out by the weeds and eventually die. In a spiritual sense, the same applies to the human condition. When the daily care and feeding we get from God’s word ceases, sin will quickly infiltrate, consume, and reshape the landscape of our hearts. Our love would turn to bitterness, our compassion to disregard, and our reverence for God to defiance. Just as a golf course landscape is dependent on the caretaker for its daily care and feeding, so is the Christian heart dependent on the daily care and feeding from God’s word.

Old Abandoned Golf Course | Photo by Darryl Orrell

What better way to start each day than to give our hearts the vital spiritual care it needs from God’s word to carry us through the day. I recently came across an idea called “The First 15.” The idea is to dedicate the first 15-minutes of every day to prayer and reading God’s word. I do it, and oh, how it helps put the day ahead in proper perspective and God in His rightful place – first in my life and in the forefront of my thoughts. Therefore, I encourage you to dedicate the first 15-minutes of your day to God and the study of His word to experience the difference it will make in your life firsthand.

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