Weekly Podcast: How to Cope in a Fallen World

Hi, Friends,

Here we are at the birth of a new year only to find ourselves living in very troubled and concerning times, a time when the seams that hold the very fabric of society together are coming unglued. So much so that the 24/7 news cycle is saturated with nothing but news of upheaval comprised of violence, hatred, destruction, and death, which offers the people of the world nothing but hopelessness and despair.

As Christians, we must be cautious not to allow these events to become distractions that pull our focus away from Jesus. Today’s podcast features a lesson that Peter learned firsthand, a lesson that can also teach us how to cope in the fallen world in which we live. As always, I hope you enjoy listening and that the message speaks to your heart and leaves you with the assurance that Jesus is still near.

Darryl Orrell

“How to Cope in a Fallen World” by Darryl Orrell | Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.

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