Daily Bible Verse

“If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!”

John 21:22

Jesus just told Peter how his death would come about in his old age. Peter attempts to shift the conversation to his fellow disciple’s fate, John. However, in so many words, Jesus tells Peter that it is none of his business. Your job, Peter, is to stay focused on what you are called to do and follow me. John was called to serve as the bridge between the early church and the historical account of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Peter did not have the same level of historical knowledge as did John; therefore, his role was to provide courageous leadership.

Those roles of providing theological clarification and courageous leadership are still needed in the church today. The problem seen in the church today is the same propensity that Peter had long ago, where people are often more concerned about how the Lord is working in and through others in their specific calling. Such jealousy, envy, or call it what you may, serves as a hindrance to the church’s ability to further share the gospel. That is why Jesus tells us that what He is doing through our fellow disciples’ lives is not our concern. Our primary concern is to follow Him.


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