Daily Bible Verse

“The one who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” 

Revelation 3:22

Today’s verse is the last time in Scripture where Jesus urges humanity to repentance. Interestingly, the Lord is not directly addressing those lost in the world but those lost in the church. The Laodicean church, people who came to believe that because they had become rich in worldly wealth, they needed nothing, not even God. The letter that Jesus dictates to Apostle John, the disciple whom He loved, paints a picture of Jesus standing on the outside of His church looking in– standing at the door knocking, waiting for someone to answer and let Him in.

We see this mindset taking shape around the world, driven by economic gain and control. We even see it occurring within churches where worldly prosperity is the center of worship, not God. The beauty of today’s Scripture shows us that the Lord’s long-suffering love for the lost and strayed will hold out until the very last minute. However, there will come a day when time has run out—the day when that last person chooses to accept Jesus as Lord. On that day and those that follow, the last days’ events will occur quickly, starting with the church’s rapture.

Therefore, now is the time to reconcile with God if you have strayed away from the Lord. If you are walking daily with Jesus, now is the time to seek the lost earnestly and share the gospel so that they, too, can be one with the Lord. As the Scripture says, “Now is the day of salvation.”

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2 thoughts on “Daily Bible Verse

  1. Anonymous April 13, 2021 / 1:20 PM

    You are so right brother all the money in the world will not get you into heaven until you get saved and have a personal relationship with GOD.If he knocks will you let him in. JESUS say he knows you ,but do you know him.

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    • Darryl Orrell April 13, 2021 / 2:38 PM

      Amen. There will be only one of two statements people will hear when they transition from this life into the next: “Well done, good and faithful servant” or “Depart from me, I never knew you.” Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. 🙂


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