What is Speaking in Tongues Exactly?

Episode Notes:

Focus Scripture: Acts 21:13 and 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Today, many people in churches claim to have the gift of speaking in tongues, that is to say, speak in a unique spiritual dialect that is sometimes not even known by the one making such utterances. Some have made the claim that they were not even aware of speaking in such a manner. Now, I will say that how someone connects and communicates with God in their private prayer life is between that person and the Lord; however, it is a whole different matter when saints gather for praise and worship.

The Bible says that speaking in tongues was intended to be a sign for non-believers, not believers. Apostle Paul had to address speaking in tongues with the Corinthian church when nearly every member had claimed to possess the spiritual gift, and it was causing issues and division within the church. However, to truly grasp the purpose and intent of this unique spiritual gift, we must return to the time in Scripture when it first appeared, The Day of Pentecost.

Today’s podcast examines and answers the overarching question that asks, “What is speaking in tongues exactly?” As always, I hope you find today’s message a blessing and that it helps further your understanding about the one-time spiritual gift of speaking in tongues.

“What is Speaking in Tongues Exactly?” by Darryl Orrell
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