Come Quickly, Lord Jesus

“The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.”

Revelation 22:21

Today’s verse, written by the apostle John, serves as the final statement in God’s holy word, the Lord’s revelation of Himself to man. Shortly before this last verse, John gives forewarning to anyone who takes away or adds to the book of revelation, stating that God will add the plagues in the book to anyone who does so. When I think about John’s warning, it reminds me of how so many churches today water down the coming reality of God’s wrath upon the world. Some pastors avoid teaching the book altogether, preferring to stick to only the “feel good” parts of the Bible. What an injustice to God’s word and the people within those pastors’ sphere of influence.

The importance of preaching, teaching, or otherwise sharing God’s word is to remember that the bad news is just as important as the good news. Otherwise, God would not have put in His written word. In other words, how can anyone truly appreciate the good news, the redeeming work of Jesus on the cross, unless they understand the bad news, which is eternal separation from God in what the Bible refers to as the lake of fire? Could that be part of the reason why so many choose to reject Christ as their Savior and Lord? Could it be because they lack the understanding of what lies ahead, why they need a Savior, and from what they are being saved? I say yes indeed!

Therefore, when you share the gospel with others, never share a watered-down message. Instead, always share the full scope of the gospel. Trust in the Holy Spirit to work in that person’s heart, to hear and understand the whole truth because anything less is not being true to the Great Commission that Jesus commands of His followers. It is not being faithful to Jesus, nor is it fair to those with whom you share the gospel.

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