You Shall Have No Other Gods

Episode Notes

Focus Scripture: Exodus 20:3

Hi, Friends,

We certainly live in a world that offers many distractions that work to take our focus off of God. If left unchecked, a distraction can take the form of an obsession, which, in turn, takes the place of God in our hearts. In effect, our obsession becomes our god and one we pursue earnestly and sometimes at all costs, which only draws us further from the One and only true God. Today’s podcast addressed our propensity to wander and stray away from God, which is perhaps why He chose to make the first of ten commandments, “You shall have no other God’s before me.” As always, I hope today’s message speaks to the hearts of those whom God has set apart to listen and draw closer to Him.

Darryl Orrell

“Have No Other Gods” Darryl Orrell
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