For Heaven’s Sake!

Episode Notes

Focus Scriptures: Matthew 5:13-14; 20:28, John 15:17;26-27, and Romans 10:14-15

Hi, Friends,

If penetrating our communities to share the gospel was not challenging enough before the coronavirus pandemic, the pandemic itself has brought about an isolation pandemic. People today, by large, are so apprehensive about approaching and speaking with others. It paved the way for more and more churches to shift their focus inward instead of outward towards the people who need to hear about God’s love for them. Let’s face it, in some cases, the coronavirus pandemic has made an easy path for Christians and many churches alike to become lackadaisical when it comes to serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. That is why we, the body of Christ, must get back to the basics of sharing the gospel and making disciples. That is our calling, purpose, and responsibility given to us by Jesus Christ Himself. Today’s podcast speaks to how we can once again make a difference in the community and in the lives of our neighbors, whom we are to love as we love ourselves. As always, I hope this message touches your heart, and if so, I would like to know about it. So please remember to click “like,” and leave a comment too.

Darryl Orrell

“For Heaven’s Sake!” Darryl Orrell
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