The Reality of Hell

When it comes to sharing the gospel, many Christians today avoid speaking on the subject of hell. Today’s podcast speaks to the reality of hell and draws upon Jesus’s story about a rich man and Lazarus.

Episode Notes

Focus Scriptures: Luke 16:19-31

Hi, Friends,

The more we look at current world events, it is easy to conclude that we are seemingly living in the last days and that God’s judgment is drawing ever so near or perhaps is even on the horizon. That means time is getting short for those who remain lost in darkness, who have yet to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. People who are unknowingly on a trajectory to spend eternity in hell. It is the job, commission, and responsibility– call it what you will, go out, seek the lost, and share the gospel. But here lies the problem: many Christians choose not to share the complete gospel; they opt not to warn others about the reality of hell.

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Darryl Orrell

“The Reality of Hell” Darryl Orrell
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