Weekly Podcast: Faith is the Key to Our Salvation and Spiritual Growth

Hi, Everyone,

Faith is more common in everyday life than we realize. We place our faith in the chairs we sit in, the cars we drive, and in other drivers. It is easy to place our faith in things that we can see and touch, and there are times when those things prove trustworthy and other times not so much. When times are going well, and our faith in God seems strong, our faith can weaken when it should grow in intensity and resolve when we encounter times of trial and tribulation. The Bible is replete with examples of people with weak and strong faith and how faith was essential to their salvation as it is to ours and our spiritual growth. As always, I hope you enjoy today’s message.

Darryl Orrell

“Faith in the Key to Our Salvation and Spiritual Growth by Darryl Orrell |
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