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The Easiest Way to Share the Gospel: Share Your Testimony! A Faithful Sower Podcast

  1. The Easiest Way to Share the Gospel: Share Your Testimony!
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  3. God: Our Creator, Protector, and Redeemer (Part 2)
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The Frailty of Human Trust

Shakespeare explores the realm of friendship and the frailty of trust through tragedy. It could be that Shakespeare was depicting his own experiences with friendship, trust, and tragedy through the art of his theatrical plays. This article explores the frailty of trust through the eyes of the man Shakespeare.…

All Things Are Possible with God!

Have you ever given up on a dream? We all have to in some way, shape, or form. We lift our prayers to heaven, asking God to make our dreams come true, but as time moves on and our prayers seem to go unanswered, we convince ourselves that it was not meant to be. What does the Bible say?…

The Exclusion of Inclusion in the Church

“We are each gifted individually to do the work that God calls us to, but the collective gifts of us all are needed to accomplish the church’s whole work. This is the essence of inclusion…” (Click below to read more.) …

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Courtesy of Woodland Heights Baptist Church