The A Faithful Sower Podcast provides engaging messages that are anchored in God’s word and apply to relevant aspects of daily living and current events with a driven emphasis on discipleship and sharing the gospel message.

Mud In Your Eye! (Part 1) A Faithful Sower Podcast

Why does God allow people to be born with a disability or become disabled in life? Jesus sheds some light on this subject when He encounters a man blind since birth.… Continue reading →
  1. Mud In Your Eye! (Part 1)
  2. Wait Upon the Lord (Part 2)
  3. Wait Upon the Lord (Part 1)
  4. Do You Love Me? (Part 2)
  5. Do You Love Me? (Part 1)
  6. Believe It or Not! (Part 2)
  7. Believe It or Not! (Part 1)
  8. He Is Risen!
  9. The Triumphant Entry (Part 2)
  10. The Triumphant Entry (Part 1)

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